Does my child have to be very good to join?

No. We welcome children of all abilities. Football is more than just about the game. It gives our youth a safe place to have fun and learn many soft skills and life lessons.   As long as we have space we will do our best to accommodate any child.

Once we take on a child we pick a development path most suited to them. For example if they've never kicked a ball before we will recommend our Development Classes. Once the child is ready for a team we will place the child in a suitable squad.

Please see our history page and our vision, mission and purpose page for details of who we are and why we do what we do!


How old does my child have to be?

We currently cater for children aged 4 all the way up to adult football. Please see our Teams section for the details of our squads.

We have "Mini Allstars" classes for children 4-6 years old. Please click here to find out more and register


Can girls play?

Yes of course! Girls can play in any of our teams as long as they meet the age requirement for that squad.

If however your daughter wishes to play for a girls only team we currently have 2 girls only teams. Please see the Teams pages.


Will my child be safe?

Making sure each member of the club is safe and has fun is of paramount importance to us. That's why we've taken the following steps:

  1. All staff members of the club are background checked (CRB checked)

  2. All coaches are First Aid trained

  3. We collect medical information about your child upon registration to ensure we work collaboratively with you to ensure your child can play and work around any minor medical conditions. Please note where your child has a medical issue you must provide a note from your doctor to verify the child can play football.

  4. We encourage all parents to sit in on training sessions and matches.


What is the process for my child to join a team?

  1. Your child attends one of our trials during pre-season.

  2. The club contact you to verify we have a space and what team you need to register for.

  3. You register - you will need to provide you and your child's personal details, medical history and details of the team you will be joining. You will also need to pay the fees. Please click here to read more about the fees and click here to find out about how the fees can be paid.

  4. One of our coaches contacts you to on-board you to his/her squad. The coach will provide you details of when and where training sessions are, provide your child with match day kit and answer any other questions you may have.

  5. Once the season is almost under way your coach might need your child's original birth certificate and 2 passport size photos to register your child with the league. Your coach will handle all this once you're registered.

Please note trials and registration for the 2018-19 season has now ended. You can still get in touch with us to see if we have a space. Please click here to be taken to the join page.


Have you got pay-as-you-go football/classes?

Yes! Any child aged 7+ can come play at our Development Class. Click here to find out more and register.


How much does it cost?

The annual fee is £170 (£160 if paid in 1 go).

If your child plays for more than one team each additional team will be £100.


What do i get for my money?

All the staff that run the club are volunteers that are paid nothing. All the funds from the fees go towards running the club. You get the following:

  1. One hour worth of professional coaching

  2. One game a week

  3. Match day kit including shirt, shorts and socks

  4. Contribution towards the team's awards evening event at the end of the season

Please see question 9 by clicking here to see what the fees are used for.


What is the money used for?

Beyond what your child gets the money from your fees is also used for the following:

  1. Public Liability Accident Insurance

  2. League and Cup entry

  3. Hiring Faculties

  4. FA Affiliation

  5. Training and Playing Equipment

  6. End of Season Awards including player trophies

  7. Coach Development

  8. Media and Marketing


What discounts are available?

Early Bird Discount - If you pay the full fees upfront during the registration period you get a £10.


How do i pay?

  1. Cash - At registration or to your coach.

  2. Online - You can transfer money via online bank transfer at anytime. You must ensure your child's name and team name are in the reference.

    Bank: Lloyds TSB
    Account Name: Luton Allstars FC
    Sort Code: 30-66-76
    Account Number: 82966468

  3. Cheque - Please make the payment payable to "Luton Allstars FC". You must ensure your child's name and team name are written on the back of the cheque.


I can't afford the fees! What can i do?

If you cannot afford to pay the full fees (£170) at registration we can put you on a payment plan as below.

Payment Plan

  • Jul: £60 due

  • Sep: £55 due

  • Nov: £55 due


What is expected of me as a parent?

  1. Ensure you child has a meal before they come for training or game.

  2. Drop off and pick up your child on time.

  3. During match days do not shout instructions onto the pitch. Support and encourage all the children by all means but leave the coaching to the coaches!

  4. Pay fees in full and on time unless we've accepted you onto our payment plan listed here.


My child plays for a team but i want to transfer them to another team in the club

In the first instance please speak to your coach. If you are not satisfied or want to speak to someone independent please use the contact form by clicking here to get in touch.


The coach plays my child in different positions i want my child to be a striker!

All of our coaches are at the very least FA Level 1 qualified and have experience in coaching at various different levels. Coaches will often make decisions that may seem counter intuitive but are for the betterment of your child and the team. 

If you have questions about our football philosophy or coaching techniques please talk to your coach or contact us to discuss.


What should i do if i have concerns around the coaching or treatment of my child?

Please contact us as soon as possible. Click here to be taken to the contact us form.

If the issue is in relation to child protection then please simply request contact details of our independent and confidential Child Welfare Officer. 


I want to sponsor a team - how much is it and who do I speak to?

For all the details about sponsorship please see our Sponsors page here.


I would like to get involved - what can i do?

Please see our Volunteer page by clicking here.