The club is founded

When we were young there weren’t many opportunities to play organised football. The few clubs that existed were discriminatory. You could only join if you were very good and even then if you were from an ethnic minority your chances weren’t great at best.

We think all children should have a safe, fun place they can go. A place that supports their personal growth as footballers but also as human beings.

Born out of continuous and relentless barriers, in 2013 we started a project to change the landscape of grassroots football in Luton.
— LAFC Founders


Rapid expansion

The appetite for organised football in the community was strong. We founded with 8 teams and by 2014 we had 12 teams. 


Focus on inclusivity

We continued to grow in 2015. With a total of 16 teams we realised whilst we had captured the imagination and interest of the boys in the community. Girls were hesitant to join teams full of boys. We launched 2 girls teams in 2015.  


Focus on quality

By the start of the 2016 season we had 22 teams. The focus for this year was to improve our standards and quality of teaching. Every coach was minimum FA Level 1 qualified by the end of 2016.